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Travel And Accommodation

Effective management of the travel and accommodation aspects of your operation is a crucial task. When we work together our focus is to actively assist you to ensure you avoid the costly mistakes made by others. We do this by sharing our experience from FIFO and DIDO worksites. Initially, we work out what you want by spending time with you analysing your needs. Next, we develop a systematic program to improve site access procedures, measure provider key performance indicators, and break down communication barriers to establish better relationships. This saves you time, money and a whole lot of headaches. Flight scheduling can have a substantial impact on the workforce, and is one of the most transparent aspects of your operations. Keeping workers updated on schedule changes or delays will reduce frustration and travel complaints relating to commercial and charter operations. Ensuring camp facilities and accommodation is booked, available on arrival, maintained and cleaned to a high standard on a regular basis, shows your workers that fatigue management and general wellbeing is priority.


When it comes to FIFO and DIDO communities, rosters are always a challenge, and may be the foundation of complaints and disgruntled team members. Instead of struggling to keep your team happy with roster management and knowing who is where and when, remove the challenges with our complete end-to-end system. Planned and forecasted rostering enables the implementation of rotational shared, or back-to-back shared rooms to maximise camp capacity. Adhoc travel can be quickly managed to enable contractor and site visitor requests to be efficiently managed, with turn-around times being reduced and happiness increased.

Air Charter

Engaging new suppliers and updating their details into your accounts payable system can take weeks, and could result in your workers or equipment not being where they are required, when you need them. Our affiliate aviation provider partnerships allow you access to adhoc or scheduled charter flights quickly and easily - even when you need them at short notice. For more information or to discuss your requirements please contact us.

Mobilisation And HR Support

Quick mobilisation of workers to your site requires practical procedures that work in the real world. We will assist your HR or mobilisation team to process high volumes of site access requests, manage medical and induction bookings and ensure worker compliances are met or exceeded where required. Offshore or overseas projects can be handled in addition to local or interstate projects, either from your worksite, city office, or remotely. We have worked with many Perth suppliers and can connect you with a professional network of external suppliers to meet your mobilisation deadlines.

Site Support

We know how important it is to cover administrative tasks during busy times, for a new project or to cover leave arrangements. Employing short-term staff has high risks and raises many questions. Does the worker have the required skills and knowledge to complete the assignment? Do they have access to technical support from their agency, are you getting value for money? Our approach is to learn your operation as well as you know it, so that we can engage highly trained and experienced administration staff to meet your needs - before you need them! This enables us to meet your Perth office, or remote site requirements quickly and effectively. This means you get to know our team, they understand your procedures and can seamlessly fill the need promptly. We promise that you will only pay for what you use - providing you with outstanding value. You have the added benefit that they are experts in this field, and they have access to 24-hour support if it is needed. Because we specialise, your team can save time and money by not having to train different temporary administrators every time you require coverage.

Contextualised Training

One of our biggest assets is our understanding of mining administration. Our focus is to work closely with your team to ensure that the training provided by us is relevant to your environment. By getting to know your team, we are able to create flexible role-specific training which ensures your workforce know what they need to know about the systems. We are never surprised how many employees are not trained effectively, and become overwhelmed with their role. Overcoming these challenges and the impact it has on your team productivity is something we want to help you with. Contact us now to discuss your formal and in-house training requirements.

Implementation And Utilisation Consultancy

It is essential to understand the policies and procedures of an organisation to enable the successful implementation of a new software and systems that are designed to improve productivity and proficiency. We understand the INX InFlight software module capabilities, and work collaboratively with your team to ensure a smooth implementation is achieved. By engaging our team pre-implementation you can be confident that your project will be delivered successfully. We will create a custom framework for training and ensure the overall functionality meets your desired outcomes. But don't worry, we will also provide a catch-all audit of your system after implementation and provide a tailored support package to ensure you can reach your utilisation goals. We will help with a database 'cleanup' to prepare for module integration, and summarise updates required to maintain administrative alignment with your current procedures.

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